Legalizing cannabis is now apace worldwide, although some countries are still very closed and very strict on the subject. But for those who are looking for weed, for some reason it may be, it is important to know the mother plant to the one we received to ensure its effect.

The types of weed

We now encounter many types of weed sold on the market today, therefore, it is essential to know that one takes, in order to compare them. But in general, there are only two main types of weed, namely, cannabis Indica and Sativa cannabis. The rest are only hybrids derived from one of these two types, associated with genetics, which starts to plague the market right now. Whether Ruderalis cannabis, which is distinguished by its auto flowering, or other types of hybrids visible massively in countries like Canada or the Netherlands, where cannabis is already legalized.

Choose your plants

Since the price of cannabis is quite high, to limit the consumption of the people, so it is quite advantageous to think about planting their own plants for personal consumption. However, in order to have consistent quality, it is important to choose the type of seedling planted, knowing that its culture is through planting its core, not its stem. Therefore, it is quite important to keep the seeds harvested in the "grinder" to compare with the older or the newest. Nevertheless, for those who are interested closely by hybrid plants, it is best to refer to a professional, or at least go to a "coffee shop" and check with the seller. Anyway, it is easy to find them by visiting these countries which have legalized it.

It is impossible to list the different types of existing cannabis in the world today between those who are organic and those that are synthetic. Nevertheless, it is all to choose the one that suits him best.